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Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care services offered in Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek, CO

Children require expert care to monitor their growth and development from birth to adulthood. The experienced Gorman Medical, PC’s pediatric specialists provide everything your child needs at their Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek, Colorado offices. The welcoming, skilled pediatric diagnosis and treatment they provide ensures your child enjoys optimal health into adulthood. Call your nearest Gorman Medical, PC office, or book a pediatric care appointment online today.

What is pediatric care?

Pediatric care focuses on children’s developmental, physical, mental, and social health. It covers wide-ranging services, from primary care (including sickness visits and preventive medicine services like immunizations) to specialized care for pediatric medical conditions.

Babies, toddlers, school-age children, and adolescents undergo complex physical and emotional alterations as they grow and develop. Gorman Medical, PC’s friendly, knowledgeable pediatric specialists understand that children differ from adults in multiple ways, from the diseases they can suffer to how medications work.

One of the advantages of choosing Gorman Medical, PC, rather than a pediatrician is that your child can continue their health care at the same practice when they reach adulthood. If they see a pediatrician, they must transfer to a primary care practice at 18 or 21, but Gorman Medical, PC sees patients of all ages.

When should my child visit a pediatric care provider?

Newborns should visit their pediatric care provider regularly in their first year — typically six times. Children need to receive various vaccines to protect them against potentially disabling and life-threatening illnesses.

Your pediatric care provider also weighs and measures your baby to monitor their growth and checks their mental and social progress.

Between 1 and 3, children should visit every 3-6 months, then from age 4, most children require annual pediatric care visits. You can also take your child to Gorman Medical, PC if they develop any acute illnesses or troubling long-term symptoms between wellness visits.

What problems might require pediatric care?

Children suffer from many of the same conditions as adults, including common colds, coughs, and tummy upsets. In fact, they’re more likely to get these minor illnesses because their immune systems are still developing. Children can also have mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, and serious diseases such as cancer and diabetes.

Children may show signs of developmental problems as they grow. These include autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Children with these conditions often struggle at school and find it difficult to interact socially.

Identifying ASD and ADHD early allows your child to receive specialized care that helps them manage far better.

Call the Gorman Medical, PC team to learn more about the extensive pediatric care the team provides, or book an appointment for your child online today.

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